Welcome to my Road to Rhythm Website! 


You are about to embark on an amazing personal journey.

The rewards are many, depending on your level of committment and desired outcome.

You are here for a variety of reasons:
A) You are curious about hand drumming,

B) You have an interest in learning how to play the djembe (or other hand drums and percussion), 

C) You wish to uplevel your current abilities,

D) You want to meet like-minded friends,

E) You’d like to write your own music

or possibly

F) some or all of the above!

Regardless of whichever applies, you have found a great starting point!  My approach to hand drumming provides a way to accomplish all of these points and more.   Surprisingly, it doesn’t take a long time or incredible talent. It takes an interested student and a dedicated teacher who cares about your journey.

As your rhythm facilitator, I will guide you towards your goals in playing the drum. I promise to offer this guidance in a way that makes comprehending the simple “truths” of  rhythm easy and fun!  I’m an enthusiastic and clear communicator who is on your side and really wish you incredible successes!

My overall goal is quite simple - to help you have a better understanding of how rhythm works and get you drumming. Your journey doesn’t really stop there - what you do with the skills once you have them is up to you. The possibilities are endless!   My commitment is to give you all the tools I can to support your growth as a drummer/musician. And if you don’t have a drum, I can help you with that, too !

My own road to rhythm has been a 20 year long drumming odyssey. It started in 1994 while watching George Jinda of Special EFX play percussion with his world beat / jazz band.  He masterfully played the shakers and drums, creating a myriad of sounds and textures. I was in awe. This one man inspired me, forever changing my life and unknowingly affecting thousands of others on their paths to percussion. He showed me how powerful and delicious percussion and drumming could be and I dedicate much of my career to his influences. Sadly, George passed away several years ago but his music lives on! 

With my guidance, you will be engaging in an amazing adventure where percussion and passion meet. My mission is to elevate peoples spirits and sense of personal power and self-worth using rhythm as the tool. This mission along with my goal of helping you understand how rhythm “works” and getting you drumming will provide you with a winning formula for increasing your skills and relaxing into playing. Just ahead is your musical self in waiting.. it is the drummer wanting to come out and PLAY! I am here to support the opening of those gates. Let the adventures begin!