Drum Circles and Rhythm Events

Many drummers first experience playing rhythms at small gatherings at friends houses, jamming along with others on instruments such as drums, shakers, bells, tambourines, pots and pans, etc! Playing with a few friends is a blast and the resulting music can be anywhere between brilliant to less than wonderful. Playing with a large group can be transformational when people are in synch, whether the group is facilitated or not. The art of drum circle facilitation is about supporting and guiding a group of people to their highest potential.  A facilitator doesn’t need to be a master player - in fact they can be a beginner drummer who has just a simple understanding of musicality and possess the courage and necessary tools to guide the group.

For those who wish to learn the craft of drum circle facilitation, there are workshops offered by professionals in the industry. Because of my lengthy relationship and experience with the “Father of Drum Circles”, I can personally recommend Arthur Hull’s training programs. I have taken more than a dozen specialized playshops he has offered since 1995, each lasting anywhere from a weekend to 10 days. These intensive programs are designed to anchor skill sets so that graduates will understand how drum circles work and be able to utilize them to support community development.

Since beginning with Mr. Hull’s training 19 years ago, I’ve had the privilege of facilitating more than a hundred drum circles in a wide variety of venues. Witnessing the magic that drum circles bring to its members is a life changing experience and continues to amaze me!  It is in this spirit that I offer professional drum circle facilitation to those groups seeking guidance to “that place” which is really another path on the Road to Rhythm.  I offer entry level facilitating workshops as well using the successful Village Circle model along a few other proven systems I’ve experienced, setting you up for more advanced facilitation trainings if desired. Rates vary depending on group size, equipment needed, length of event, load-in/load out, etc. Please feel free to inquire if you’d like to benefit from a group rhythm event or learn more about how to develop a rhythm community in your area.

For more information on Mr. Hull's incredible workshops and specialized trainings, visit www.drumcircle.com - be sure to tell him the Shakerman sent you!