Drum Classes and Playshops

Along with hosting drum circles for over 18 years, I also offer a variety of classes in hand drumming and percussion. Whether you join a beginner or more advanced class, you will feel welcomed and appreciated. I’ve focused on developing an effective teaching system that gives you simple insights into how rhythm works. You will feel confident and have more fun when playing with others.   I care about your success and promise that if you are a beginner, you’ll be drumming in no time!  I want to see you learn quickly and will provide the road map - I call it the Road to Rhythm.  From my own personal observations and feedback received from dozens and dozens of students, I know that your Road to Rhythm will:

    Give you the tools to play drums in a variety of ways and in many musical venues,

    Improve your musicality and give you a great understanding of how rhythm “works”,

    Give you more confidence and expand your social circles,

    Bring Happiness to yourself and others by playing music,

    Provide you with fun experiences with others as you play and share music,

    Connect you to a deeper sense of self,

    Give you a new way of expressing yourself and explore your own creativity.

    Find satisfaction in the self-rewarding loop:  “Practice makes perfect”

    Develop enhanced listening skills, learning to appreciate others voices and ways of expression 

    You’ll discover how to slow down in a high strung world!

It is through a successful program design that students thrive and I believe mine will do that for you.  I invite you to look over the many referrals on my “References and Referrals” Page.   

Private Classes

For those who wish to get on the “Fast Track” to learning to play drums, you may want to consider taking Private Classes.

In these classes, you will be given 100% of my attention and receive instant and constructive feedback guiding you towards percussive excellence, even from the first lesson. You will have uninterrupted time that moves you along at a comfortable pace, moving as quickly as your ability and desire allows. 

Just like in the group classes, each lesson is a steppingstone, anchoring your learning and giving you breakthrough after breakthrough on your Road to Rhythm.  Many students are playing confidently after 3-4 private lessons and typically continue on with a mix of private and group lessons. I also recommend that when my students feel ready and the interest arises, they explore additional rhythmical traditions and styles to broaden their musical experiences and enhance their percussive sensibilities. I’m happy to make recommendations when asked…

Group Classes

These classes offer opportunities to engage in learning and playing with others who are also on their own Road to Rhythm. Since people learn at different speed, you will see challenges and successes occur side by side. In this community of new drummers, encouragement abounds and the music just keeps getting better and better.

By taking simple steps during each group class, you will advance as a drummer and your musicality will grow, even if you’ve never played an instrument in the past. My program will also assist you in the retention of what you have learned by referring to the many patterns with an easy-to-remember name.  One example is the “Walk”. In this pattern, the hands alternate, first your strong hand and then your less-strong hand, each striking the drum like they are “walking” back and forth from the low bass notes to the higher pitched tone notes. This simple pattern is a steppingstone which will assist you when playing similar rhythms.  Becoming familiar and comfortable with these popular and useful patterns helps support your comprehension and understanding of rhythm, leading you towards playing better, sooner than later.

Having useful, easy to understand support materials (similar to a road map!) will enhance your experience along your journey. To help facilitate your learning process, we’ll use standard, easy-to-read box charts which clearly describes each rhythms’ patterns and pitches. Additionally, you’ll find helpful comments on many of the charts we’ll use which “de-mystify” the patterns.  You’ll be given a copy after each class and be able to refer to it when needed.  Practice (which I prefer to call “Playing”) really pays off and I recommend you try to set aside some time so things get easier for you - plus it’s fun! Your investment in yourself will return ten fold, and you’ll appreciate watching your progress unfold.

At the end of each group class, we play the Rhythm of the Day. We aim towards successfully playing all the parts of the rhythm as one group, playing it at a fun tempo that everyone can handle. It gets really exciting and the music sounds great!  I encourage you to trying several group classes, each are each unique and I know you’ll have is lots of fun!


Imagine a day where you begin as a new drummer and end the day playing rhythms you would have never believed you could play! This is what happens in my specialized half and full day workshops. By taking simple, systematic steps, I share with you the way rhythm “works”, anchoring each step before moving onto the next. You build confidence and skill sets that serve you on your Road to Rhythm.

Each workshop has a specific goal - to empower you to become a Drummer or in the case of my popular Shaker class, a percussionist! I also offer workshops that combine the two disciplines sending you on your way with drumming and percussive skills easily accessible to most beginners. You will learn how to read and understand the popular box notation system offered by many hand drum teachers. These easy-to-read charts, along with my added input on each chart provides you with the key to understanding rhythms that you’ll play. These patterns are found in many drum circles and drum classes worldwide!  Using my enhanced notation system will also provide you with a way to notate rhythms you may hear or rhythms you’ll create yourself!     

If you already play and wish to up-level your abilities, I will guide you to your highest potential, reviewing posture, technique, skill sets and knowledge of musicallity. Many students return year after year to festival settings where I offer continuing studies in music, rhythm and technique. As each aspect of rhythm is important individually, learning to weave them together will give you the results you want as a player. This is the goal in each of my special workshops, to get you playing comfortably and well !