As teachers, we all have developed a way of sharing the information we’ve accumulated over the years of our own Roads to Rhythm.  Some ways respect traditional pathways originally taught to us by masters of particular cultures. Others may lean towards modeling how our professors and instructors in schools taught us, while some followed guidelines and achievement goals that are mandated by the state board or a charter. Or, if you were fortunate, a mix of some or all of the above. Either way, we end up leaning towards our favorite methodology.  I believe that by supplementing your system with some of my methods, you will support, enhance and even accelerate your students comprehension and retention of key points.  I invite you to come to one of my classes or workshops and see my approach. My intention is to serve in the highest way I can and I hope we can share in our experiences as educators.

Please feel free to contact me for more information on my approach to instruction using the proven "Road to Rhythm" system.