The Road to Rhythm - An incredible journey into Self !     

Playing drums and percussion can be very foreign and even intimidating to the non-musician. Learning how to play the drums doesn’t have to be difficult if you apply effective technique and a few simple principles that make rhythm “work”.  Once you have that, your learning process will be a much simpler path. Any decent player (and teacher) will tell you that the road to rhythm is really a lifelong process, not something you conquer overnight.  There certainly is some truth to that. But the appreciation and joy of drumming can begin within the first hour of drumming… even the first few minutes!  When you play the drum, a door opens for having a great time. If you want to learn how to play traditional rhythms, there are many master teachers that are happy to share the music of their countries.  Whether it’s West African, Latin, Afro-Cuban or Middle Eastern Rhythms, opportunities abound for further studies. 

Your thirst as a drummer and musician will grow as the world of rhythm grows around you. You may find yourself creating your own rhythms and songs, sharing them with other musicians and drummers at every opportunity. Your potential is unlimited and you don’t need any one’s permission other than your own to become a great drummer. It is a “birth-right” for us all and awaits your next step!

As my hunger for learning continued, I realized I needed a way to learn and integrate intricate patterns as quickly and simply as I can. This lead to first exploring, then developing a system of learning which is now my system of teaching. My methodology takes into consideration the fact that people learn in different ways. Whether your visual, kinetic, aural or a thinker type, my program integrates it all in it’s holistic approach. The beginning lessons move along quite quickly and easily, and, by anchoring successes into the initial lessons, it takes less time to learn the more elaborate and complex patterns. I teach in a unique and effective way which I continue to review and improve as needed based on the feedback and successes of my many students. Like life itself, it is a work in progress….

My system is based on several key components of rhythm. One example is that I look at how rhythms flow,  how they relate to each other and even to our bodies, mind and spirit ! The varieties of pitches, patterns and rests combine to make drumming musical. By listening deeply to and studying these aspects, I’ve had many insights which have ultimately lead me to my teaching methodology. I’ve shared this unique system with people from all walks of life and from coast to coast in private, group and festival settings and have seen fantastic results. The feedback I’ve received has made me confident in what I offer and how it is offered. And as a personal bonus, I have also become a successful drummer who has been invited to play with musicians of many genre’s in casual gatherings and professional performances, and it just keeps getting better. Respecting the music cerainly has it’s rewards!

I freely confess, I love to play and I play with passion and confidence. I focus on musicianship, technique and having tons of fun. Drumming has become an integral part of my lifestyle, connecting me with wonderful people from all around the world. I invite you to start your journey now and see why so many people are taking up hand drumming. And don’t be surprised if you surprise yourself!