As a long-time distributor of quality percussion equipment to stores, museums, professionals, schools and more, I have earned the title of a trusted authority, a title given to me by my mentors, teachers and customers.  To supporty your journey on your Road to Rhythm, I offer several essential and unique instruments that are well made, fun and affordable.
I love sharing great products with my students and friends.  As part of your percussion toolbox, I recommend the following items - a few which I designed to fill a void that I observed “out there”….

The Road to Rhythm Tool Box suggested gear:

    Djembes, Congas or Ashikos
    These drums are the driving force drumcircles. I hand pick fantastic traditional West African djembes from a professional import company who has been
    providing quality equipment and repairs for over 20 years. Because of my purchasing power, I offer them to students and friends at very fair pricing.
    For those desiring all-synthetic materials, there are a few companies who offer all man-made drums. Ask for more details as product designs change.
    By special request, I can assist in the selection of Conga’s and Ashiko’s. These popular drums are also typically offered at most music stores or found online.

    Frame Drums
    Also called a “hoop drum”, they are typically used in quieter drumcircles. They are versatile drums which are also used in ceremonial occassions and can be
    adapted for use by the elderly or physically challenged people.   Available in both natural hide and synthetic heads, they are at select music stores or found     online.

    Rattles / Shakers
    Naturally, you’ll want to acquire a few Shakka Shakerz. These tubular shakers are handmade by me and used by thousands of percussionists worldwide since     1994.  There are a wide variety of sizes and sounds to serve your needs, plus they are super cool.

    Shakkaritas are handsized ball shakers that I designed - think of a maraca without the stick.  They are easy to hold and slightly earthier sounding than egg     shakers. These are handmade in Nicaragua.  My importer and I are the sole distributors of them in the US.

    Eggs.  Yup, get a few - they are cheap and have a nice soft sound. Purchasing a variety of colored eggs will enable you to play shaker games in group settings.

    Another product I offer are the popular wooden frogs from Thailand. They are very versitile and work as a block, a clave and a rasp. I’ve been distributing these     for over 15 years and find them to be a very effective and unique woodblock. Having a variety of sizes will give you different pitches, I suggest having at least 3     uniquesizes in your collection. The 3”, 4” and 5” are all easy to hold and very affordable - ask for the special set price.

    Metal Bells
    Be sure to include either an agogo (Latin or African double bell)  or a small to medium cowbell in your collection, all available at your local music shops.
    Just like with the woodblocks, having a few different pitches adds to the musicality of your rhythmical experiences.  Cowbells come in a wide variety of sizes,
    some have a plastic protector on the end to mute the sound just a bit. Although they are typically made of metal, there are also high tech plastic cowbells and     agogo bells out there that are durable and affordable.
    Jingle Bells
    Available on either a handle or connected to a fabric band, they are typically sold in music shops and online. I recommend having both a smaller and larger set.

    Unique percussion items:
    Boomwhackers© Tuned Percussion Tubes - great for kids, groups, open jam sessions, parties and outdoor events - they were invented by my good friend          Craig Ramsell.  Found all over the world now (more than 6 million have sold!), they are an easy to play, tuned and color-coded percussion tube that I’ve proudly     offered for more than 16 years. They are lightweight and very affordable. I recommend at least having a set or two of the pentatonic sets - add other sets if you     want more musicality.

    It’s nice to have a few triangles since their pitches vary by size.- I recommend the 4”, 6” and 8” ones. Other than professional top quality Triangles which can
    run over $ 100.00 each, they are generally inexpensive and are available at music shops and through online outlets.
    There is nothing like a Rainstick to add a magical ambience to a rhythm or song. Offered in lengths from just a few inches and up to 6 feet, and from an inch or     two to 5 or 6 inches in diameter, I recommend getting at least a 4 foot model that is at least 2-3” thick. The longer the rainstick, the longer the “rain”!

    Gongs are available in many different styles with endless varieties of pitches and qualities of sound.  The most popular gong is called a windgong and when         stricken just right, it sends a cascade of shimmering sounds out into the universe! I recommend at least a 14” gong and an 18” or even 21-22” to really add magic     to an event!

    Feel free to ask about other instruments and sources. I’ve been doing this for a long time and know lots of sources for a wide variety of instruments.