Transformation and Healing

Along my own Road to Rhythm, I’ve been fortunate to play with many healers,  shamans and professionals who are in the medical field. These special people serve physically, emotionally and intellectually challenged populations. A common thread that is woven through all these populations is the fact that drumming touches every one of them in a powerful and memorable way.  Witnessing the power of the drum along with its’ transformational ability is both eye-opening and heart-opening.

As a two time graduate of the Health Rhythms program designed by Dr. Barry Bittman and Christine Stevens, M.T.A, I learned that using a specific protocol brings life-enhancing results. When invited many years ago to present a sound healing session at the American Yoga Association West Coast retreat in Lake Tahoe, I saw the profound power that drums, percussion and gongs have on people. I have also seen my own healing take place, empowering me to have a voice that can serve community as well as my own self.

While playing at drum circles and events, it is typical to see people experiencing many different levels of healing and empowerment. Without a doubt, drumming, whether alone or in a group, transforms and empowers individuals and elevates group consciousness.

Fortunately, there are hundreds and hundreds of videos, articles and stories of Transformation and Healing online. You are invited to learn more about how drumming can serve you and your friends and loved ones. Some resources include:

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For additional resources, search on YouTube for videos relating to the health and spiritual aspects of drumming and rhythm. Doing a search on Google or Yahoo for “Health Bennefits of Drumming” will also connect you with many articles and videos.